What is CryptoBoard.media and CryptoBoard Token (CBDX)

Some of you have already taken advantage of the registration opportunity, received a prize of € 20.07882 in CBDX tokens and thus supported the innovative media project CryptoBoard.media. This has released an additional number of CBDX tokens, which are therefore available for purchase at a reduced price on the GetOnPlus platform. The time of purchase at a reduced price is slowly running out, so we want to inform you in a timely manner about the purpose and functionality of the project.

What is CryptoBoard.media and CryptoBoard Token (CBDX)

There are many questions and allow us to answer them gradually in the form of upcoming contributions, in which we will explain each item of the project separately. This time in fornt of you is a summary of the project and the possibility of your participation.

What is the CryptoBoard.media project for?

CryptoBoard.media is an upgrade of the kriptovalute.si portal, which combines the best functionalities of the blockchain (cryptocurrencies) and the media industry. It provides information on decentralized finance (DeFi), Fintech, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, personal finance and related operations.

We started the project because we want to increase the set of content on the portal (Trading, Legal, Fintech, Project Analysis…) and expand our activities to other language areas (English, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish…), where there is a need for relevant information in the local language and the individual market demonstrates the expediency of establishing the infrastructure for the easiest possible entry and operation in the crypto world.

With the project, we want to take advantage of blockchain technology, which enables the improvement and simplification of established business processes in the media world, to improve the user experience, reduce the cost of business and redistribute income.

What is CryptoBoard?

The CryptoBoard platform is designed as a CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation - a private blockchain and active nodes on the GROSSUS public blockchain with a Staking mechanism. The cryptocurrency CryptoBoardToken (CBDX), which supports operations, is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and was verified on 2.2.2020 with a smart contract on Etherscan.io. The purpose of the CBDX token is to support the development of a news platform. 2,078,882 CBDXs were issued for the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, which means one CBDX per capita in Slovenia. The same CBDX token issuance logic will apply to each country where CryptoBoard will perform operations in the local language.

What problem are we solving?

The established media structure is attended by media owners, advertisers, readers or subscribers and the editorial board with the author team. In the classic media world, news through the editorial board is always under the influence of owners and advertisers, and less and less under the influence of readers, who too often uncritically consume the content offered. Thus, the authors of the final articles and the readers have less and less influence on the content, even though we are the main component of the media.

With blockchain, we can mix roles in the media business model and allow media creators and readers to have the influence of owner, advertiser, author, and reader at the same time. In addition, you are rewarded for activity in any of the roles mentioned.

As CBDX holders, you are involved in the growth of the token value, as authors you are rewarded according to your rated reader satisfaction, and as readers you are rewarded if you actively evaluate articles.

How do you get CBDX tokens?

New thinking leads to new business models, which in the CryptoBoard project are expressed in the way of obtaining CBDX tokens and work on the principle of activity of users who are rewarded for their activity. With the performed activity, the tokens are triggered into circulation with the mechanism of obtaining a "market share". The more tokens sent into circulation, the higher their value, which increases in a controlled, transparent and based on a publicly announced algorithm managed by a smart contract. The price is formed in accordance with the dynamic pricing concept (DPMC), which enables growth in accordance with the usability and activities on the platform.

In case of CBDX, 2,078,822 tokens were issued, which are activated by the performed activities. Whitelisting activities were carried out, the cryptoboard.media platform was set up, and articles were published in four different languages. The more activities there will be and the more events there will be on cryptoboard.media, the more tokens will be released. According to the DPMC model, approximately 241,000 tokens are currently in circulation.

What can you do with them?

  • You can track the number of CBDXs you received as a reward when you registered in your account and increase it by inviting friends to support the project. For each activated recommendation, you receive an additional 2.07882 euros of CBDX equivalent, and the invited person receives the full prize for registration of 20.7882 euros in CBDXs. To invite, select "INVITE" in your account and write down the email address of the invitee.
  • If you want to increase your share in the blockchain company CryptoBoard, select the option "+ INVEST" in your account and log in with the same information on the GetOnPlus platform, which allows you to purchase available CBDX tokens at a reduced price from 0.20 euros to 0.60 euros, as much as the price will be after 22.3. Follow the simple instructions to verify and invest in CryptoBoard Company (CBDX). You can also sell them on this platform.
  • Use the received and purchased tokens as a "Stakeholder" in the CryptoBoard Blockchain Corporation blockchain and receive additional benefits, which we will inform you about in the following messages.
  • In accordance with the timeline, we are diligently preparing the cryptoboard.media platform, where publications in English, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian and Spanish are currently available. On this platform, you will gain new CBDX tokens through activities.


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