Vodafone Brings Bitcoin to the Mainstream

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin again.

Vodafone Brings Bitcoin to the Mainstream

Just the day before yesterday, a new Simpsons episode was broadcast, which explains Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a humorous crypto tutorial. But BTC not only makes a name for itself in what is probably the most successful series but also with telecommunications giant such as Vodafone. A few days ago, Vodafone Germany launched Bitcoin advertising on social media, thus attracting additional attention towards the BTC.

Vodafone has shown interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies a while ago. The telecommunications giant was one of the first members of the Libra Foundation to take part in the design of Facebook's new stablcoin. After the project came to a standstill due to regulatory difficulties, Vodafone has left to focus on its own digital payment platform called M-Pesa. M-Pesa focuses on Africa and has over 37 million active users. A total of 11 billion transactions were carried out via the platform in 2019 alone. Bitcoin does not play a role here (yet).

Could Vodafone Germany's Bitcoin advertising now be an indication that digital gold will be used commercially in the company in the future? At least the new advertising gives some hope. Regardless of whether Vodafone should actually use Bitcoin in any form, the company is taking BTC an enormous step forward with such actions. Because most people are still very skeptical about BTC, which is partly due to a lack of clarification or knowledge, Vodafone could provide additional trust here and get people to dig deeper into Bitcoin.

Is BTC future pocket money?

The actual advertising, which is all about #FutureFriday, revolves around Grandma's future pocket money and how it should work if in the future everyone only has to pay (with BTC) via their smartphones. The title of the advertisement post is: "Will there soon be bitcoins instead of pocket money?"

It is entirely up to our imagination what intentions may be and what exactly the authors have in mind. Perhaps Vodafone Germany dares to forecast the future and that Bitcoin will play a crucial role in payment transactions in the digital world.