Four Major Telecommunications Operators Are Testing Blockchain

Four major telecommunications operators have announced a test use of a blockchain-based solution for managing roaming discount agreements.

Four Major Telecommunications Operators Are Testing Blockchain

According to a press release, the blockchain platform tested by telecommunications operators Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Telefonica and Orange should significantly reduce the complexity of the existing system. The decision will allow changing the existing system of agreements and manual signatures when concluding roaming agreements. 

Thanks to the automation of document management, the process will be much faster, and the use of the blockchain will allow all participating companies to be sure that the clauses of the agreement are unchanged. Deutsche Telekom Senior Vice President Rolf Nafziger noted:

“The inter-operator workflow in roaming has been basically unchanged for the last 20 years. In the near future, however, new services [...] will drastically increase the complexity of inter-operator discount agreements and respective settlements. This blockchain-based solution is the start of automating sections of our workflow. It will put us in a position to handle the additional complexity while increasing overall efficiency.”

The press release also notes that after testing is completed, companies plan to open the source code for the solution to make it generally accepted in the industry. In the future, the platform may develop into a solution for the complete automation of roaming agreements.

Recall that the cooperation of telecommunications giants KT Corporation and China Mobile was previously reported to simplify the provision of 5G roaming services using the blockchain.