Friday the 13th - the Financial Apocalypse

No matter which course you look at: DJI, S&P 500, DAX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, everything is in a massive decline! Is this a panic sale or the beginning of the financial crisis?

Friday the 13th - the Financial Apocalypse

The Bitcoin price broke bearishly from the neutral price pattern and has already fallen over 64 percent. Bitcoin has failed support at $5,000 and $4,200 and has even reached $3,800 at one point. Bitcoin should find support at $3,000 at the latest and correct it upwards, otherwise, Bitcoin could reach a new low. Then the downside potential would not be clearly defined. If you rule out that the Bitcoin price goes to 0, Bitcoin should bounce upwards, even if only for a short time.

Bitcoin price forecast - bearish breakout - 64% price loss!

Bitcoin weekly rate -  TradingViewBitcoin's trend is bullish only in the largest cycle, in all other cycles Bitcoin's trend is bearish.

Dow Jones Index price forecast - at the golden ratio!

DJI weekly course -  TradingViewThe Dow Jones Index reached 20,452 points and is currently exactly at the golden ratio. Here the DJI course could bounce upwards. If not, he finds support at 19,700 - 20,000 and later again at 18,635.

Currently, however, the Dow Jow Index has very good chances to correct it upwards. A possible price target would be ± 23,850 points.

Gold price forecast - bearish divergence!

Gold weekly course -  TradingViewIn contrast to the rest of the capital market, crisis-proof gold is proving to be extremely stable in value, but gold has also slipped by around 9 percent after the bearish divergence in the RSI has dissolved. The gold price is currently in the support zone and will find support again between $1,311 - $1,378 at the latest.

S&P 500 price forecast - 27% price loss!

S&P 500 weekly course -  TradingViewThe S&P 500 broke through support and finds its next support between $2,322 - $2,405. In fact, this is one of the sharp price drops the S&P 500 has ever seen in such a short space of time.

Some see the Corona Virus as a "Financial Apocalypse", but it remains to be seen whether the size of the Corona Virus is actually more dramatic than the panic currently prevailing on the market.

After all, the capital market has long been in a very artificially sustained, never-ending upward trend that eventually had to end. This could actually initiate a general bear market. However, this cannot be determined at the current time, so it remains to be seen to what extent the situation will worsen.

The fact is, where one loses money, another wins. Times like this also offer great opportunities.

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