Footage: Evolution of Blockchain 2009 - 2020

The virtual event, organized by Blockchain Alliance Europe and Business Intelligence Center with the support of Blockchain Think Tank and Bitcoin Society Slovenia, provided an interesting view of the entire period of blockchain development, digital currencies, security, payments, identity and technology use. Already during the presentation speeches, Irena Grofelnik, Anja Blaj and Jure Pirc gave good starting points, given by speakers Gregor Zupanc - Solidum Capital, Alen Šalamun - BC Vault, Dejan Roljič - Eligma, Jan Gerl - Netis with AceBlock, Tomaž Furlan - Lucis, Vasja Veber - Viberate, upgraded in more detail and with experience.

Footage: Evolution of Blockchain 2009 - 2020

Irena Grofelnik, representative of the Business Intelligence Center, Slovenia


Anja Blaj, President of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia



Jure Pirc, President of the Bitcoin Society of Slovenia


The importance of Bitcoin in your investment portfolio.

Gregor Županc, co-founder and CEO of Solidum Capital

Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most fascinating inventions of the 21st century that can significantly increase the efficiency of your investment portfolio. Bitcoin can also act as a hedge against upcoming inflation and other unpredictable consequences of record low interest rates and global monetary and fiscal stimulus like never before.



How to securely protect private keys with an encrypted backup?

Alen Šalamun, co-founder and technical director of REAL security and BC Vault

Intrusion reviews in 2019 have opened up a number of questions about the security of an individual’s assets on crypto exchanges or software wallets. On average, they steal $ 2.7 million worth of cryptocurrencies every day, with the 2019/20 period a record, as the number of burglaries in exchange offices increased 13 times compared to the year before. What can you do to protect your property? We will talk about new technologies (specifically the new generation of security cryptographic devices) and how to overcome the fear that hackers will attack the security words ("recoveryseed") that you have chosen to protect your wallet and show you how the technology works. which we use to protect them.



What would the world be like if we just used one currency?

Dejan Roljič, founder and CEO of Eligma

Dejan will share his experience with the introduction of the use of crypto payments among merchants and present his daily shopping experience using the GoCrypto payment system. This represents a global network that is changing the payment landscape by allowing users to easily pay with crypto. Today, GoCrypto represents the largest and fastest growing payment network in the world, present in more than 50 countries. It connects users of crypto and digital wallets, crypto exchange and providers of cash register systems, PSPs, payment exits and all merchants who would like to accept crypto as a means of payment.



Why is SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) becoming a necessity and what potential it holds?

Jan Gerl, Blockchain developer and project manager at Netis

The common denominator of digital services today is that they are all leases where users depend on the conditions set by the providers. The digital identity of a user outside of a particular online service does not exist at all, as it is merely a collection of different information that companies store about him. Therefore, Jan will present the concept of Digital Identity (SSI), which is one of the possible solutions for secure digital services and personal data management. This concept assumes that the individual becomes the owner of the data and independently decides which provider or for what purposes and for how long he will share it. As such, digital identity eliminates the need to collect personal data that has already been collected elsewhere, thus enabling digitized services to become more widespread, secure, efficient and user-friendly.



Tourism 4.0: Personalization and Digitization of Tourist Experience in Slovenia Through

Tomaž Furlan, founder and CEO of Lucis

Tourism 4.0 is a consortium project that connects various Slovenian tourism corporations and technology providers with a common goal in order to unify knowledge and ideas and build a unique solution in the field of sustainable tourism. With the help of key technologies, the product of the Tourism 4.0 project will be a comprehensive platform that will enable various participants in the tourist ecosystem to operate from one place. In addition to the presentation of the project, Tomaž will focus on the practical use of blockchain technology, which will be brought closer to users by the introduction of a digital identity and a token for cooperation (CollaborationImpactToken).



The pandemic devastated the live music industry. What’s next?

Vasja Veber, co-founder and chief operating officer of Viberate

Live events are banned after March of this year and it seems that this will not change any time soon. To this end, Viberate analyzed the damage suffered by the festival industry and presented a set of tools that will help it get back on its feet as soon as we successfully fight the virus.