CryptoBreakfast 23.11.2020 - Ethereum sovereignly over $500

Analysis: Which cryptocurrencies are to be monitored this week; Will Bitcoin exceed $ 19,000 today, or is it consolidating; Altcoins better than Bitcoin, Ethereum flies towards $ 600 just before steaking begins; What do negative interest rates bring to borrowers and what to savers; Why Bitcoin is the best candidate for shorting.

CryptoBreakfast 23.11.2020 - Ethereum sovereignly over $500

2.2.2020, when the CBDX token was verified by a smart contract and 2,078,882 CBDXs were issued for the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, we did not imagine that supply will run out so fast. In line with the dynamic price growth model (DPMC), the price of the CBDX token rose to € 2.0925, from an initial token value of € 0.20. Therefore, on 31 May 2020, we issued the Croatian supply of tokens 4,106,138 CBDX, which will raise the price to € 8 and prepared a wallet for you, through which you can now manage your tokens in one place.  




Bitcoin is steadily holding above $ 18,000 and there is growing speculation as to when it will exceed $ 19,000. Yesterday it approached the value of $ 18,800, underwent a correction, but it needs to consolidate very well above $ 18,500 for a further breakthrough. Meanwhile, the altcoins exploded. Tomorrow, the Ethereum network concludes the collection of “Ethers” for the upcoming steaking on Ethereum 2.0, which will lock and withdraw from the market at least half a million units of this currency for two years. This has raised the price of Ethereum to $ 575, and further growth is expected due to the upcoming reduced supply. XRP also woke up strongly, reaching $ 0.450 with 35% growth.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH


The Central Bank of New Zealand is working hard to ensure that interest rates in the banking system do not fall into the negative zone. Commercial banks have been informed that they are currently in only a very thin range of positive interest rates. The Central Bank is concerned that they are not sufficiently technically equipped for the negative interest rate scenario, and they do not see the possibility that the favorable negative area scenario for borrowers would translate into higher demand for loans and thus increased economic activity, which could otherwise mean positive business incentives. On the other hand, in the case of negative interest rates, savers have a more profitable alternative to keeping savings in socks, because it is better to earn nothing and suffer only the cost of inflation than to pay extra for deposits.

What Would Negative Interest Rates Mean For Borrowers And Savers?


In the last period, which can be called the period after PayPal entered the crypto, this payment giant buys 70% of newly created Bitcoins and thus greatly affects the demand for the largest cryptocurrency and consequently its higher price. However, some analysts warn that Bitcoin is overvalued at current values as it does not yet serve as a hedge against inflation, which is a good basis for Bitcoin’s long-term growth. Contrary to the coming euphoria of reaching new record values, they point out that, according to some indicators, it is realistic to bet on the fall of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is the Biggest Big Short