CryptoBreakfast 17.12.2020 - Bitcoin well over $ 20,000

Bitcoin has not failed in breaking the record and so far has been stable at $ 22,000, Ethereum with a new record value of this year; In Estonia, two-thirds of crypto companies were left without a license; Bitcoin is over $ 20,000, but is it worth anything at all.

CryptoBreakfast 17.12.2020 - Bitcoin well over $ 20,000

We finally awaited. Bitcoin exceeded the “magic” mark of $ 20,000 yesterday and doesn’t seem to be giving up, as it is currently listed at $ 22,841. Bitcoin growth was followed by an entire crypto market. Ethereum tested the resistance line at $ 650, while XRP rose above $ 0.550 with 25% growth.

Bitcoin Surges To New all-time high, Altcoin Bulls Take Control


In Estonia, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has revoked the licenses of about 1,000 crypto companies, or almost two thirds of all licensed ones. The first wave of license revocations occurred in June this year, when the FIU revoked the licenses of about 500 companies, due to a money laundering scandal amounting to about 220 billion US dollars. This time the revocations are related to the six-month inactivity of licensed companies. The remaining 400 licensed crypto companies, however, must prepare to comply with increasingly restrictive regulations.  

Two thirds of Estonian crypto businesses lose their licenses


The growth of Bitcoin cheers us up, but the question remains in the air, whether Bitcoin is worth anything at all. Of course, the answer is not unequivocal, but consists of some important parameters that appeared in the valuation of currencies only with the appearance of the blockchain and represent the basics of "Tokenomics".

Over $20K? Why Is Bitcoin Worth Anything at All?