CBDX Token

CryptoBoard Token Statistics and Supplies
Total Supply
Availabe Circulating Supply
Blockchain Company
Supportive Supply
Transferrerd Supportive Supply
Remaining Supportive Supply
CryptoBoard Token Historical Price Chart
CryptoBoard Token Official Wallets
Type of Supply Wallet Amount of Tokens Value
Total Supply 0x4fFa2E6D1ce17A63419315dA9991353772bf7F39 CBDX EUR
Supportive Supply 0x8b9ce3979619e6f4099b62072033f2c9c28ba58b CBDX EUR
Available Circulating Supply 0x7abd702dbe8c3cba0a75aecf9e1916ee71167c57 CBDX EUR
Company Founding Supply #1 0x30bE0182b29b939eF186af45Bc303f0a4ca1cBA3 CBDX EUR
Company Founding Supply #2 0x021eD25c794fdb98B03947D42c6A34C7Ff2A8A03 CBDX EUR
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