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CryptoBoard's Vision to alter media industry is an experimental News Platform, designed to combine best features of cryptocurrencies with media industry,
providing information from the area of decentralized finance, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and connected trading operations.

The platform is structured as private blockchain and active node of GROSSUS public blockchain environment with staking algorithm.
Stage 1
Q4 2016
Stage 2
Q2 2017
Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates feature
Stage 3
Q2 2018
Trading feature
Stage 4
Q2 2019
Stage 5
February 2020
Cryptoboard Launch
Stage 6
February 2020
Stage 7
February 2020
CryptoBoard Token Trading
Stage 8
Q2 2020
Upcoming Features Announcement
Stage 9
Q3 2020
CryptoBoard Internationalization
Official Announcements
Stage 10
Q4 2020
CryptoBoard Beta Version
Official Announcements
Mitja Glavnik
Founder and CEO
Simon Kumer
Partner and COO
Marko Vidrih
Media expert
Gašper Zorman
Partner and Chief Editor
Timotej Karadžič Žnidaršič
Marketing and Social Media Specialist